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Pascal GĂ©linas. Photo by Nicole GiguĂšre

“In our media-charged environment, catastrophe is an everyday occurrence in the visuals that we see of the world. Through my two films, I wanted to show the other side of the world, where miracles become daily events. I wanted everyone to recall that a vast majority of humans are fundamentally good, capable of solidarity, ” director Pascal GĂ©linas tells Five Questions With during my conversation with him about A Bridge Between Two Worlds his multiple award-winning documentary film about Gilles Raymond and the people of the Islands of Flores, Indonesia and his previous film The Water Bearer which he made ten years earlier on the same subject matter.

A Bridge Between Two Worlds tells the story how Muslim and Catholic farmers, on the Island of Flores, Indonesia, wage a battle to defeat their poverty and to enhance their environment with the support of “honour loans” from North American and European families. This remarkable solution to break the cycle of poverty was initiated by Gilles Raymond, a Canadian volunteer from QuĂ©bec, who has forged deep bonds in Flores over the last 15 years. Directed by Pascal GĂ©linas the film, which has its Ottawa premiere at the One World Film Festival on September 30, 2017, captures the power of solidarity across borders and shows how much more is possible when people are provided with opportunities to succeed.

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