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We have re-branded the festival. Please join us at the Ottawa Canadian🍁 Film Festival.

home_cooked_musicWinnipeg filmmaker Mike Maryniuk‘s Home Cooked Music profiles inventor and craftsman Lorne Collie and his whimsical stringed instruments – made out of unlikely items such as shovels, rakes, baseball bats, and stop signs. In Lorne’s hands, these everyday items become beautiful and functional guitars, violins, banjos, and fiddles.  The film is described as “a whimsical chord of Canadiana.” by POV Magazine.

Mike Maryniuk was born in Winnipeg, but raised in the rural back country of Manitoba. A completely self-taught film virtuoso, Maryniuk’s film world is an inventive hybrid of Jim Henson, Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage. Maryniuk’s films are a visual stew of hand-made ingredients and are full of home cooked wonderfulness. — núna

The film screened at HotDocs 2015 and is now available on NFB’s website.

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We have re-branded the festival. Please join us at the Ottawa Canadian🍁 Film Festival.

parkeVery Good Dirt is a short documentary that sifts through the sentimental memories of a long-lost town and contrasts them to the practical life of the farmer who now works the land. The resulting film is a poetic meditation on the meaning of place, all set in the great emptiness of the Canadian prairie. — Official website

Director Catharine Parke was born in Winnipeg and although she left the prairie as a young girl she had fond memories of visiting her uncles near the town of McConnell. She honoured a lingering longing to return and dragged her husband back to where her relatives used to live. Once there she was struck by how the place that haunted her memory was now abandoned and deserted. — WIFTV

Here’s Catherine chatting about the film in an interview posted by the 2015 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.

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