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Photo of Zale R. Dalen by Tim Johnson

“When we made “Skip Tracer”, credit cards were a new thing. I could see how they were going to take over, making it easier and easier to spend money and go into debt. But they hadn’t really been developed yet”, Zale R. Dalen, writer/director/editor of the 1977 film “Skip Tracer” tells Ottawa Indie Fest during a recent interview.

“Skip Tracer” is a free-wheeling private detective story with the twist that the detective is a loan agency’s debt collector hunting down ‘skips’ who have stopped repaying their loans.

Set on the mean streets of Vancouver in the late 1970s, Zale provides insight into the making of his first feature film which screens at the ByTowne Cinema on April 21st as part the Lost Dominion Collective Screenings on-going series of film screenings.

Where did the idea for your film Skip Tracer come from?

“Skip Tracer” began as an idea for a B movie. I was trying to figure out why cop and crime drama was so popular. It seemed to me that the reason was that they are easy to write. If the basis of drama is conflict, a cop drama has a built in conflict. There is always a criminal about to do something, or having done something, and a cop who is trying to prevent the crime, or catch the criminal. You can mix in an infinite number of variations in situation and motive, but there is never a problem inventing the conflict. It seemed to me that a bill collector or skip tracer, the cop of the business world, had a similar built in conflict.

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