We have re-branded the festival. Please join us at the Ottawa Canadian🍁 Film Festival.

static1.squarespace“The bond between two teen-aged girls – one popular, one not – is tested and brought to a crisis point when an intimate moment between them is caught on video, going viral through their school. Terrified of losing her status, popular Brooke turns on Charlie, denying their friendship, and becomes one of the bullies who have made her every day a misery. Devastated, Charlie takes a desperate measure to make Brooke understand her pain.” – Reign’s Official Website

Reign will have its world premiere at the 2015 Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto on June 16th, where it is been nominated for Best Debut Feature and Best Canadian Feature. Developed as part of Humber’s Film and Television program (FMTV), the feature film found its roots in a second year short film by writer/director Corey Misquita, who also adapted and developed the feature film version. It stars well known Canadian actors Samantha Weinstein (ACTRA award winner), Jordan Todosey (Degrassi) and Julian Richings (X-Men: The Last Stand.)

“As a festival committed to the next generation of women directors we are honoured to exhibit such an outstanding example of what is possible by young women,” – Leslie-Ann Coles, Founder, Executive Director, Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF)

Here’s the trailer.