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missfortunepromoA romantic comedy about clashing cultures and unexpected love, A Date with Miss Fortune is a movie about a struggling writer who meets and falls in love with a charming, yet superstitious Portuguese woman.

Writen and produced by Jeannette Sousa and Ryan Scott, the film is based on their own experiences as a couple. Sousa grew up in Toronto, the daughter of a father from continential Portugal and a mother from São Miguel in the Azores. Scott was raised in Calgary. For their first date, the two young actors from disparate backgrounds went out for coffee. According to Sousa, the date lasted five hours and sparked a romance.

Directed by John L’Ecuyer and filmed in Toronto A Date with Miss Fortune features Sousa and Scott in the lead roles supported by Joaquim de Almeida, Vik Sahay and Grammy Award-winning recording artist Nelly Furtado. The film premieres at the AMC Dartmouth Mall 11 in the US on January 29th and in Canada on February 5th. More »