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BERKSHIRE_POSTER_web-resKylie Winters, a bullied and self-loathing teen, reluctantly agrees to babysit two children at an isolated country mansion on Halloween night. When a mute boy in a pig mask appears at the door trick-or-treating, Kylie’s night transforms from the mundane into a horrifying and violent cat-and-mouse game, hunted by three deranged butchers through the maze-like estate. Forced to confront her own cowardice, Kylie must go beyond what she ever thought possible if she and the children are to survive until help arrives. – Canadian Indie Film Series

“When she was told that her first feature-length film, Berkshire County, would be screened on the closing night of the Los Angeles horror movie festival Shriekfest, Kingston-raised director Audrey Cummings admitted she was ‘insanely excited,’ but that excitement soon gave way to nausea as she watched the audience file into the theatre and take their seats. And then, something really cool happened, and I could just feel the vibe in the room, and it was a really good vibe,’ recalled Cummings, who spent her high school and university years in Kingston. ‘And I could tell people were enjoying the film. They were laughing in the right places, and they were scared in the right places. And then I was just elated by that moment, and that moment in itself was probably the best day of my entire Berkshire run. I would have walked away from that feeling so happy and great just from that.’ But things would get even better, you might have guessed, as Berkshire County took the top prize at the festival.”  – Kingston Whig-Standard

Here’s director Audrey Cummings, Actress Alysa King & Executive Producer/Writer Chris Gamble at the NY Premiere of Berkshire County at the 2014 New York City Horror Film Festival in November 2014.

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