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For each of the episodes of the second season of the TV series X Company, the CBC has engaged artists from around Canada and the world to re-imagine a scene in their medium to create the series X Company Animated.  Captured in the Woods is a recreation of the frightening and disorienting atmosphere of being pursued through the woods, a scene from episode 3,  reimaged by Stephanie Dudley.

Captured in the Woods
Animation by: Stephanie Dudley
Puppet Costumes by Allison Easson
Props Assistance by: Andrew Heffron

Stephanie Dudley, a stop motion animator from Toronto.  She studied OCAD University and has a successful career in motion graphics and animation and has won multiple awards for her work for YTV, Family Channel, Teletoon and TMN.  She can be found online at: Stephanie Dudley

Here’s the¬†‘behind the scenes’ video:


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