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sonia-bonspille-boileau2Le dep is a psychological drama about Lydia, a young Innu woman who works at her father’s convenience store in a small First Nations community in rural Quebec. One night, as she prepares to close up shop, a masked robber enters the store and holds her at gunpoint. This traumatic experience becomes even more troubling when Lydia recognizes her assailant. Before long, she will have to make a decision that will forever change the course of her life. — Official Website

“I recently had the opportunity, thanks to the aboriginal component of Telefilm Canada’s Microbudget Program, to write and direct my first feature film, Le dep.  My main objective was to tell a drama that had both suspense and social value. And I wanted it to be driven by a woman — an indigenous woman. That’s not an easy task when your industry is male-driven and the society you live in (and therefore your audience) doesn’t seem to value indigenous women,” states Sonia Bonspille Boileau, the first female director of Canadian native origins (Mohawk) to have her debut premiere at a major international film festival. — Indiewire/WomenAndHollywood

Le dep is made by an all-Native cast with actors and is produced by Native-owned Nish Media. It premieres this Saturday, July 4, as part of the Forum of Independents competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious such festival in Central and Eastern Europe.

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