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BlairHello everyone,

This is Blair, the author of the Frankly, I do give a damn sub-blog on this site.

My introduction to independent film was in the late 60s and 70s.  Living in Ottawa at that time there were precious few venues to watch anything that wasn’t a studio film.  We had the Ottawa Public Library, universities and college, the NFB and Archives but that was pretty much it.  So as a consequence much of early film education came from books and magazines.   Those articles and film stills provided a glimpse into a world I never knew existed.   From those roots my lifelong love all things film related and in particular independent film emerged.  In those films the freedom of expression, the ability to transcend conventional narrative, the creative use visual and audio was inspiring and exhilarating to experience.  Many years later the world has changed immeasurably but those are still the reasons I find independent film so exciting today.

In the world today anyone can be a a film maker (and by definition an independent film maker).  Everyone has a phone, everyone has a computer of some type and everyone knows what social media can do.  So if we draw a parallel to what happened to the music industry does that mean we have a world full of Fellini’s, Goddard’s and Kubrick’s?  Not really – what we have is a little bit of talent spread across a vast number of people.  What is extraordinary are those artists who emerge from the collective whole to create work that is personal and meaningful in some way.  Independent film makers operate in the gray zone of art and commerce – finding the balance between work that succeeds and work that permits other work to occur.  For many that is reward enough, for others it is a part of something greater.  Whatever the outcome I think the personal aspect of these films stay with the artists whatever part they choose.

OIF is the opportunity for Ottawa independent film makers to show their work to audiences and curators alike.  Its not a contest, every film stands on its own merits and will find its own audience.  Everyone on our team are passionate about independent films want to share that passion inspire each new generation of filmmakers.  Over the next year I will be sharing stories about films and film making – most of which will be true.

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  1. Looking forward to your on going blogs.