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Pasquale Marco Veltri‘s film Words to Remember examines the wisdom that would be passed down to us if our future selves could share their regrets with us in the present moment.  It asks the simple question: What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s?‎

If people lived life with the end in mind, they would find the nouns that matter most are not places or things, but, human beings. It is only through the hearts and minds we touch, through the peaks and valleys of joy and pain, that any evidence of our existence will remain. Words to Remember examines the heart wrenching pearls of wisdom that would be passed down to us if our future selves could share their reflections and regrets with us in the present moment. For the present moment, is the only moment that can truly make the difference in our lives. – The film’s Official Website

Veltri is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer whose films have screened nationally and internationally in Canada, Britain, France, Italy, and Egypt. Read about him and his recent work at PMVeltri.com.

[Words to Remember is] “a poetic piece of work from a talented director.”- Mohit Rajhans, Film Critic CityNews

Check out this interview segment with the director Pasquale Marco Veltri and musician Vikas Kohli as they chat about how the challenges related to scoring a multi-cultural story that is told in four languages–Hindi, Gujarati, English and French.

Here’s the trailer.

The film was awarded Best Narrative Film at the Columbus International Film Festival and screens on Saturday June 13th at the Bell Tiff Lightbox at 7:30pm followed by a Q&A with the director, on June 13 at 1pm at Cinema Guzzo Montreal, June 19th at 3:15pm at Cinema Guzzo in Montreal, June 16th at 8:30pm at Cartier in Quebec city.  Check cinema listings for confirmation.

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