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633-noura-kevorkianSuffering from an advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease, Barkev Kevorkian spends his time recalling the past when he worked at a foundry, loved driving fast, and enjoyed time with his little girl. Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker Noura Kevorkian‘s second feature film 23 Kilometres is an impressionistic film, a journey into the life of a man with a crippling disease.

“My initial concept for 23 Kilometres was an experimental essay film about my father and his illness Parkinson’s disease. A journey film, driving with my father to Zahlé, the nearest town, and along the way stop to visit all his machines, our favourite childhood locations like the cinema and bumper cars, paralleling the journey to his illness and the state of Lebanon. But by the time the film was finished it took several different shapes, and it gradually took a unique life of its own. Throughout the five years in the making, the film evolved into something that broke new ground in cinema. And by that I’m not referring to the mixing of genres (essay film, experimental doc, silent drama), rather I’m specifically referring to the way the story unfolds through a device I termed Silent Dialogue.”Noura Kevorkian

23 Kilometres is an Official Selection, International Competition Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic this month.  Here’s the trailer.

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