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versesfromtheabstract2bEighteen-year-old Mustafa Ahmed grew up in Toronto’s Regent Park area and has been writing poetry since he was 10.  He has been chosen as the poet laureate for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games in July.

“My dad was a social worker. He used to give, even though we didn’t have much. I knew I wanted to help people too, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. And then I found poetry and I found the arts. I was writing about change, about Regent Park, the beauties of my life. Sharing my poetry, I felt like people connected.

I started off at ten years old, just writing to communicate with my sister. I thought it was cool and I loved doing it, but I also felt like I had a voice. As I grew older, my poetry grew as well.

I’m writing through the journey. But, if I can’t continue it, I’ll stop and I’ll give it time. When I force the poetry, it’s horrible, it’s never good.”

The Walrus: Mustafa Ahmed interviewed by Julien Russell Brunet

Here’s Lost Souls.

Dir: Mark Rozeluk & Sean Butler
DP: Henry Sansom
Camera Assistant: Daniel Poirier
Editor: Mark Rozeluk

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