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Maxime-Giroux_large“In Maxime Giroux‘s latest feature, an unusual romance blos­soms between two lost souls who inhabit the same neigh­bourhood but vastly different worlds. Meira (Hadas Yaron) is a young Hasidic Jewish mother in Montreal’s Mile End dis­trict who secretly rebels against her faith by listening to soul music and taking birth control pills; Félix (Martin Dubreuil) is a loner grieving the recent death of his estranged father. Intrigued by Meira, Félix hopes her religious devotion will provide insight into his loss, and though she rebuffs him at first a mutual affection soon arises between the two. As Meira’s desire for change becomes harder for her to hide, the young woman is faced with a stark choice: remain within the community she has always known, or pursue an uncertain future outside of it.

Maxime Giroux was born in Montreal. He has directed music videos and several short films and features including Demain, Jo pour Jonathan, and Félix et Meira.” –TIFF

Here’s director Maxime Giroux on Film Circuit chatting about the film, about connecting with audiences and the importance of the theatrical experience.

Félix et Meira was awarded Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s the Trailer.

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