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Happy New Year, everyone.  It’s the annual resolution season. This year, I have joined thousands of other film fans who have taken on the challenge to watch 52 films directed by women in 2016.  It’s part of a campaign using the hashtag #52filmsbywomen.  I’m throwing in an additional twist and making them all Canadian films.  I’m about 3 weeks late but here goes.

My selection for week 1 is the film Sabah: A Love Story (2005) by director Ruba Nadda.

“Sabah (Arsinée Khanjian) is a 40-year-old Arab woman living in Toronto. One day, when Sabah least expects it, she falls in love with the wrong man: she’’s Muslim, he’’s not. Keeping him secret from her family, she embarks on a whirlwind affair before both culture and love collide.” – Mongrel Media (Film’s official website)

Ruba Nadda (born 6 December 1972) is a Canadian film director. She made several award-winning short films, including Lost Woman Story, Interstate Love Story, So Far Gone and Damascus Nights before writing and directing features I Always Come to You, Unsettled and Sabah. Her movie Cairo Time won the Best Canadian Feature Film award at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival and was Best Reviewed Romance on Rotten Tomatoes for 2010. She is known for shooting feature films in very short time spans.” – wikipedia

You can find it on Netflix Canada (follow the link if you have access to Netflix Canada.) If you watch the film, let us know what you think of it. Use the CONTACT US page or the comments on Facebook/YouTube to recommend other Canadian films directed by women that should be on the list.  Also include a link to where they are available on SVOD or VOD so we can check them out.

If you would like to follow along as I add to the list, subscribe to Ottawa Indie Fest’s YouTube channel.

Cheers, Jith.


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  1. I had someone message me with a question about what SVOD and VOD mean. Sorry about that. I will endeavour to make future videos jargon free :)

    VOD is Video on Demand. Examples of VOD services include iTunes or Amazon Video, where you can rent a film and stream it as many times as you like for a fixed number of hours (often 48 hours.)

    SVOD stands for Subscription Video on Demand, an On Demand service that offers the opportunity to select and watch On Demand movies from a catalogue of films for a monthly or flat-rate fee. Examples of this type of service include shomi, craveTV and Netflix.