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godsavejustinmovieGod Save Justin Trudeau¬†or How the MP from Papineau became Prime Minister of Canada¬†is a 2015 documentary by filmmakers Guylaine Maroist and¬†Eric Ruel. ¬†It documents the “Thrilla on the Hilla”, the 2012 charity boxing match between the then Liberal MP for Papineau, Justin Trudeau and Conservative senator, Canadian navy veteran, black belt Patrick Brazeau. ¬†The filmmakers were given unparalleled access to the events and some of the organizers for what promised to be a memorable event no matter the outcome.

“To call the match sensational would be to underestimate the situation. ¬†It may have been for charity, but to think of it as just for fun would be to miss the vast and dynamic symbolism of the event.” — The Guardian

‚ÄúLeaderless and penniless, the Liberals have been given up for dead,‚ÄĚ the film opens. ‚ÄúOne man will change the course of history.‚ÄĚ

Maroist and Ruel are the founders of Productions de la Ruelle, an award-winning entertainment company based in Quebec.  They are best known for the documentary Singing to Drown Out the Sea (Radio-Canada, Bravo) which earned three nominations at the 2004 Gemini Awards.

God Save Justin Trudeau¬†is available on demand on Vimeo. ¬†Here’s a link.


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