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francois-peloquin-croppedAt 17 Jérémie dreams of a life different from the one that awaits him at the family sawmill in the small Canadian town where he lives. Jérémie is more interested in pimping his car, listening to hip hop, and slacking off with his friends. This impressionistic debut, built upon convincing performances, tells of a summer that completely changed a teenager’s life. – KVIFF

“The film is based on a reflection I had on Quebec culture. The film represents the culture of teenagers; it’s a moment when you’re not sure or so fond of where you are from, and that you don’t recognize where you are from, and who you are, and you don’t necessarily value where you are from. I wanted to talk about life as a teenager in the region because I think Quebec doesn’t recognize this region because everything is about the metropolis,” according to French Canadian filmmaker François Péloquin. Le bruit des arbres (The Sound of Trees) is his feature film debut and screens 50th Karlovy Vary international Film festival in Czech Republic this week.

Here’s some behind the scenes video from the set from YouTuber Norma Bucknor.

Here’s the trailer for Le bruit des arbres (The Sound of Trees).

Le Bruit des Arbres

Sarah Lévesque & François Péloquin

Ziad Touma (Couzin Films)

Antoine l’Ecuyer
Roy Dupuis
Willia Ferland- Tanguay
Rémi Goulet
Charles-Emile Lafleur

François Messier-Rheault – DOP
Simon Guilbault – Art Director
Martin Bourgault, Aube Foglia, Simon Sauvé – Editors
Sylvain Bellemare – Sound design
Music – Mimi Allard

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