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A ninety year old Holocaust survivor with Alzheimer’s discovers the Nazi prison guard who murdered his family is living in the US under a fake name. He sets out on a cross-country road trip to seek long-overdue revenge.

That’s the premise of director Atom Egoyan‘s latest film Remember, starring Oscar-winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau. The film also stars Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris.

Shot in Toronto and various other locations in Ontario last Summer, the film with a reported budget of $13 million was produced by Robert Lantos, who last worked with Egoyan on 2008’s Adoration.

“As soon as he read the unsolicited script by an unknown writer, Robert Lantos knew two things. First, it was the veteran Canadian producer’s destiny to make this movie, even though it would be tough to get it done. Two, Christopher Plummer, 84, was the only actor he wanted in the starring role.  The movie is called Remember and it’s about a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor named Zev who sets out to find and kill a Nazi war criminal named Rudy who was responsible for the murder of Zev’s family.”

Check out Martin Knelman‘s article about the project in the Toronto Star.


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