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81f7431122fccaf8ae07090e45cc63a3Based on a true story about an urban couple who go camping in the Canadian wilderness, writer/director Adam MacDonald‘s directorial feature film debut Backcountry is described as “a full blown, full blooded horror film about the apathy of nature and the folly of human resistance in the face of its violent shrug. There are no cartoonish, cross-eyed, cannibalistic hillbillies lurking in these deep, dangerous forests. There is simply the sheer panic of being swallowed by the unknown…and the very real possibility of being ripped to shreds by one very hungry bear.” — Fangoria

“[The movie] came to me when I was lying in a tent with my wife and I heard something large walking around at the crack of dawn. I was scared, and luckily for us, whatever it was walked away, and left me with an idea.” says Adam MadDonald about the film that was shot in 17 days in North Bay and Squamish, B.C.

The film returns to theatres in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal on June 26, 2015. Check local listings. Here’s the trailer.

Here’s Backcountry director Adam MacDonald and actor Jeff Roop chatting with Lindsey Vodarek of #EyeOnCanada at TIFF 2014.


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