We have re-branded the festival. Please join us at the Ottawa Canadian🍁 Film Festival.

About Ottawa Indie Fest

Our Mission

Ottawa Indie Fest (formally known as the Ottawa Independent Film Festival) is a cultural, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to recognize, promote and celebrate the art of cinema by showcasing independent Ottawa, Canadian and international films and filmmakers.

Through our exhibition, education, and community development programs, Ottawa Indie Fest builds audiences for Ottawa based and Canadian content and talent, provides training opportunities for emerging filmmakers, and promotes the creative economy of Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario.

Ottawa Indie Fest’s mission is grounded in the belief that Canadian film and filmmakers are distinctive and vital to our country’s culture and the development of the local economy.

Our Vision

We believe in programming and content that provides Ottawa audiences with entertaining and high-quality independent films, information, activities and events. Our festival, events, online presence and resources aim to encourage collaboration, artistic innovation and creativity while providing access for a broad audience segment.

The Ottawa Indie Fest is committed to cooperation and collaboration with other arts organizations as well as the business community. Our programs are interactive, entertaining, educational and great value for the money.


The Ottawa Indie Fest was founded as result of independent filmmaker Jith Paul’s series of public screenings of over 150 Ottawa based and Canadian independent films for a period of four years. Known as the “Treepot Film Festival“, they were committed to fostering collaboration and learning amongst emerging filmmakers. Paul successfully curated and presented short films, documentaries and music videos with trailers and promos at independent movie theatres, universities, colleges and parks in downtown Ottawa.

Although successful and popular with local audiences, Paul decided it was time to take the “Treepot Screenings” to the next level in order further promote independent filmmakers and to reach out and appeal to larger and broader based audiences in a more formalized structure and as a result the non-for-profit organization the Ottawa Independent Film Festival was born.


Jith Paul

Jith Paul

Jith Paul is an Ottawa-based filmmaker whose directorial debut Algebra was featured at Festival international Entr’2 marches in Cannes and has screened at festivals in Canada, Scotland, France, Italy and India. His second directorial project, the crowd-funded comedy ‘A Clean Slate’ was awarded Miglior Cortometraggio Internazionale – America (Best International Short Film – America) at the Valle d’Itria Film Festival in Italy. He is currently producing Karim Ayari’s Before Me, a bilingual narrative film that explores social intolerance and its impact on children.

Jith is a graduate of the television broadcasting program at Algonquin College and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo. An Associate Member of the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) professional association, he edited Partners for Peace, an official selection at the Victoria Film Festival in 2015, ‘North Boys’, winner of the Founder’s Award at the Yorkton Film Festival in 2012 and ‘This is My Witness’, an Official Selection for the 2012 Amnesty International Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival.

Jith curated short films and documentaries for the 10 screening series the Treepot Film Festival, a celebration of indie film, which he founded in 2011. He is currently works as a Web Stream Producer at CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is vice-chair of the Board of Directors of SAW Media Arts Centre and freelances as a photographer, camera operator and editor.


Ed Kucerak

Ed Kucerak

Ed Kucerak is an Ottawa-based independent director/producer specializing in documentary and television productions. Founder of Kublacom Pictures, he has produced and directed documentaries for a variety of Canadian and US broadcasters.  His films have been screened in numerous Canadian and international film festivals.Ed’s recent documentaries include Partners For Peace, How Can a Boy, This is My Witness, One of the Last and The Secret Lives of Butterflies.

In addition to his passion for documentary storytelling, Ed is an avid photographer and his photos have been published in numerous publications. He is an active member of the Documentary Organization of Canada and the Saw Video Media Arts Centre.

Ed authors a series of posts about indie filmmakers called “Five Questions with…” on the Ottawa Indie Fest website.


 Blair Campbell


Blair Campbell is a graduate of the television broadcasting program at Algonquin College in Ottawa and he began his working life in that industry.  Following a successful career in high tech business development, marketing and management, Blair is returning to his first love – film and television production when he founded 4 Sight Media in 2016 to pursue documentary projects. Blair brings extensive business development, project management and financial expertise to his film projects. He has worked with companies such as GE Capital, Bell Canada and CGI Consulting in business leadership roles. He is an active member of SAW Media Art Centre.

Blair authors a series of posts on the “Film and Stuff” sub-blog on this site.



Guest Bloggers

Matt Joyce
Matt Joyce is an actor, writer and filmmaker from the Ottawa-Gatineau region. He grew up immersed in movies and acting in theatre. In his early twenties, after studying screen acting, he began working in local feature films as a stand-in and ‘double’, and later as a PA. In 2008, he moved to Vancouver to work in film production before returning home to complete a Film Studies degree at Carleton University. Film theory changed the way he perceived cinema, fostering a deeper understanding of film movements that had a profound effect on him and encouraging him to develop a passion for writing film criticism. After university, he returned to film production, choosing the independent route that offered him the chance to work on various short and feature films throughout Canada. He has recently produced two shorts of his own.

Matt authors a series of posts concerning Canadian Cinema, entitled “Visible Cinema,” seeking to reveal the surrounding traditions, tendencies and influences of this nation’s cinema.


Canadian Indie Film Night

Ottawa Indie Fest is trying something new. We’re hosting a series of meet-ups at a local pubs, as an opportunity to chat and mingle before we head out to support a set of locally produced indie films.

For more details, check out our CELEBRATE WITH US page.

Treepot Film Festival

Jith, Ed and Blair were part of the Treepot Film Festival, a series of 10 curated screenings of short films, documentaries, music videos and feature films screened at independent cinemas and parks in the Ottawa area between 2011 and 2014.  Click on the graphic below for more information on the screenings, the featured films, filmmakers and selected press coverage.



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